vPhrase has built a product that analyses complex data, pulls out insights using artificial intelligence and then generates a summary written in plain words, using natural language generation, supported by charts and data tables.

The tool automates the work of analysis and communication which is the forte of expensive domain experts and it does this at a fraction of their cost.

The insights and nuances that one can explain via words cannot be explained using charts and tables alone. Besides, the consumer may not have the time and/or expertise to sit and interpret complex charts and tables.

Launched in: April 2015

Team Composition:

Founder : Neerav Parekh

  • Significant experience in Technology, Finance and Marketing
  • Technology: Co-founded evetan.com, India’s first fully online payroll application
  • Marketing: Incubated and nurtured a digital marketing agency with a team of 75+
  • Finance: 4+ years’ experience as Wealth Advisor to HNIs
  • MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies


Problem Area Addressed:

In today’s digital age, lots of data is getting captured everywhere. However, only experts are able to derive actionable insights out of them. vPhrase plans to automate the role of experts to take the benefits of big data to common people.