5 things you must do to increase outreach on Facebook

Sosio our team at Zone Startups India talks about how to increase outreach on Facebook for Non Profits.

With an estimated 750,000,000 unique monthly visitors, Facebook has emerged out as the most popular social network around. Facebook is a social network made for connecting people with their friends, family, coworkers, or simply others with similar interests. A natural extension of Facebook’s consumer popularity is that businesses are trying to leverage the user base to help them meet dubious marketing goals, and it appears to work for most of them. Not only businesses, there are several nonprofits that have leveraged the social network to increase their outreach. Listed below are few of the most popular nonprofits, worldwide.

TED has 59,16,358 likes on their facebook profile page.

Naional Public Radio has 39,44,481 likes on their facebook profile page.

UNICEF’s United Nations Children’s Fund has 39,84,754 likes on their facebook profile page.

Invisible Children has 33,38,856 likes on their facebook profile page.

United States Olympic Committee has 26,19,947 likes on their facebook profile page.

That being said, learning the nuances of various social networks can be tricky and time-consuming, especially considering how frequently they add, remove, and modify features. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve put together this article.

Here are a few goals to consider when getting started using Facebook as a tool to help your non-profit grow:

  1. Get found by donors searching which non profit to voluntarily contribute their service to.
  2. Create a community to connect and engage with current and potential followers.
  3. Promote your marketing offers to convert well-wishers into donors and volunteers.

Why use Facebook?

Facebook provides a fantastic opportunity for your organziation to get discovered. A Facebook business page, is by default, public. Individuals can “Like” a page and know more about your organization, by the means of the updates that you will keep sending across to them. If you have not created a facebook page, up until now, please create one. We have listed article, for you which will help you setup a facebook page for your organization.

Now that, you are convinced, that you should be using facebook pro-actively for marketing your cause, we are listing few of the things, that you as an organization must be doing, which will eventually help you increase your outreach.

1. Create Engaging Content

The contents that you can post, may range from photos, to videos, events, polls and status updates. You may ask your audience questions and have them post answers in the comments, it will make post visible in the news feeds of your fans, thus increasing your reach to their friends, who may not yet know about you, but will discover and engage.

Once your content helps attract individuals be pro-active in responding to questions and complaints. Ask questions, post helpful tips, link to articles that your audience will ‘like’ and ‘share’. Use Questions/Polls for Fan Feedback.

2. Try out Facebook Groups

Groups are different from a facebook page, in the sense that pages represent a brand/organization whereas a group is a community of people discussing common interest. If you have difficulty in creating a group of your own. Feel free to get in touch, I can pass on a list of active facebook group, in the nonprofit domain, where you can interact and exchange thoughts.

3. Tag Other Users and Business Pages

Although you used to only be able to tag other users on Facebook, you can now tag other pages, too. Make your page more engaging and interactive by enabling others to post content on your timeline. Enabling this feature will also automatically publish posts to your page’s timeline that are from other users who have tagged your page in their posts.

4. Connect Other Channels

You can connect YouTube Channel to pull thev ideos you post on youtube,SlideShare App to pull which will allow to pull the SlideShare presentation, andFlickr App to showcase your Flickr photos. You can connect other channels to your Facebook page.

Twitter posting frequency will is likely to outweigh your facebook posting frequency, hence it is better to keep them segregated.

5. Experiment With Interest Lists

‘Interest Lists’ allows users to organize updates into separate topics from a collection of fan pages and/or public figures who have enabled subscribe button on their profile. Creating content about industry news so your updates are the first to show up in any lists your business is apart of; and creating a must-subscribe, content-rich Facebook presence.

If you need any help, regarding creating and promoting your organization on facebook. Please feel free to shoot me a mail saket[@]sosio.in and I will be more than happy to help.

This post was originally posted by Saket Bhushan on Sosio.