Our portfolio startup Babychakra gets appreciated for helping new mothers

The Great Indian Joint Family, as shown by Bollywood, has been found only on silver screens for long time now.

At last count, there were about 172 million nuclear families in India. That is, a family that is made of a couple and their dependent children (if any), as opposed to this idea of a familythat is as alien to young Indians as ET itself.

And if you ask BabyChakra’s Naiyya Saggi, she will tell you that number is almost seventy percent of the country’s population.

The Fulbright scholar from Harvard Business School founded BabyChakra along with Mohit Kumar as a social discovery platform for young and lost mothers after she realized how helpless new parents could feel trying to do things right, and how hard it can be to get dependable advice in the modern urban family setting.

“The genesis of this is that if you look at how mothers learn, it is a social discovery. They ask their friends, their own mothers, mothers in law, and neighbors. Now, given that most of us today live in nuclear families, we don’t get that support system around us and we are turning more and more online,” Naiyya told Tech In Asia.

Naiyya saw her friends go through the same struggle as they started making families, and decided to launch a company to help.

“On the BabyChakra app we tell you what mothers around you are discovering and doing. You can see reviews on pediatricians, daycare, hobby schools, and you can follow other mothers and learn what their experience at particular places has been,” she said.