Press Coverage – vPhrase : How real is the Artificial Intelligence startup wave?

The largest financial daily in the country, The Economic Times, covered one of the startups under Zone – ‘vPhrase’ in their Sunday Edition. Their cover story on ‘how real is the Artificial Intelligence startup wave’ talked about the top AI startups in the country and their offerings. vPhrase was included in this list.
You can read some snippets from the article here..
While running a digital marketing agency, Neerav Parekh regularly updated his clients on their campaign performance with reports and charts that were carefully put together.

However, the clients were quickly snowed under the blizzard of data, and inevitably demanded that account managers personally visit them and take them through these reports.

This was a laborious process and, rather than plod through it repeatedly, Parekh, a serial entrepreneur, turned to artificial  ..