Satyen Kothari’s 2-Week Market-Access Program In Canada | NBI2018

Late-Night walks in the snow of the Toronto winter and forming life-long bonds, serial entrepreneur Satyen Kothari talks about his experience as part of the Next BIG Idea Contest.

Prolific angel investor five-time entrepreneur Satyen Kothari was the founder of Citrus Pay, also considered the ‘PayPal of India’, in one of the biggest fintech acquisitions in the country, Citrus Pay was sold to Naspers for a whopping $130 million. Moving on to his next venture, he founded Cube Wealth. A wealth creation platform that caters to Indian professionals, various services revolving around finance management by providing access to high-quality advisors, blue-chip advisors, and a simplified user-interface.

Satyen was a part of the Next BIG Idea contest as the founder of an early-stage startup which was beginning to gain tremendous momentum. What followed next was a marvel, both business-wise and personally alike. From incredible business connections with top bankers and consulting houses in the region, gaining insights into the North American Market, to forming lifelong friendships, the two weeks spent in Canada proved to be a score of knowledge and deep bonds.

As part of any business or industry, there are always similar patterns that exist subliminally throughout, yet strategies that work differ from region to region across the world due to socio-cultural variances. Satyen found out that certain additional user experience flows that worked well in Canada, didn’t seem to work in India. Fintech being quite local in its approach made them realise that Canada might just not have been the right fit as a market for Citrus. Each market tends to have its own dynamics and a smart entrepreneur would be able to convert a market into a gold-mine by offering win-win solutions that would work well for both them and their customers.

What’s Next BIG Idea Contest?

The Next BIG Idea Contest is a Gateway for Indian Startups to North America. The Next BIG Idea Contest seeks to discover India’s 5 most innovative technology companies who are looking to leverage a soft-landing opportunity to expand to North America. The contest is a “Market Access Program”, whereby the winners get to incubate their company in Canada for a 2 week all expenses paid program. The visiting entrepreneurs receive mentorship, business development advice, customer connects, investor access and valuable international experience.

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