Capital Connexion is a funding platform for startups looking to raise capital between post-seed to Series-A round from venture capital funds and angel investors. Capital Connexion is not just limited to match-making between startups and investors but also provides end-to-end fundraising support to startups. It provides startups with assistance on refining the pitch deck and financial model, personalized feedback on sharpening their Investor presentation, support in determining the investment structure and obtaining the valuation, guidance on term sheet and facilitation of investment round.

Capital Connexion 3.0 : Funding Enterprise tech Startups

The Indian enterprise tech sector is one of the hottest startup sectors at the moment. In the 1st Quarter of 2022, Enterprise tech emerged as the sector with the highest number of startups that received VC funding. The number of Enterprise tech startups that received funding in 2022 tripled compared to 2021. Also, Q1 2022 recorded 26 enterprise tech M&As, higher than any other sector in India.

Startups we are looking for

We definitely want to meet you, if you are a startup:

We will do an initial shortlisting through the Pitch deck to evaluate all startups based on the business model, market size and opportunity, traction, value proposition, entry barriers, team, etc. Startups that get shortlisted will undergo a Deal screening session whereby our evaluation team will request e-meetings with startups to make a final selection. Our final cohort will comprise only 15 startups.


Plan your applications accordingly! Note that only 15 startups will be selected in the final cohort.

Applications phase

25 th

Application window opens

27 th

Closing of Application window

7 th

End of Startup evaluation

14 th

Announcement of selected Startups

Capability Building sessions phase

19 th

Pitch deck

20 th

Financial model

21 st

Investment structure


Personalized Mentoring & Mock Pitching

1-on-1 Investor Meetings - 29 th July 2022

Opportunity to Pitch to Relevant Investors
15 Startups | 10+ VCs | 1-on-1 Meetings

Capital Connexion Benefits

Funding readiness

  • Prepare for fundraising with capability building sessions
  • Receive personalized 1-on-1 mentoring support
  • Get investment banking assistance for deal closure

Investor Access & 1-on-1 Pitching Sessions

  • Refine your business plan & prepare to pitch
  • Opportunity to Pitch to 10+ relevant VC funds

Marketing & Visibility for Your Startup

  • Meeting Industry experts & Thought leaders
  • Leverage our online & ecosystem audience
  • Chance to be covered by leading media houses

Investor Partners (Previous Edition)


Kindly submit your application online by 11:59 PM on 27 June 2022
We do encourage you to apply, however, we are keen on early traction/revenue generating startups for this cohort. This program targets to assist early-stage startups looking to raise their post-seed to series A round.
  1. Apply (Upload your Pitch deck & fill up the Application form)
  2. Pre-screening (Initial shortlisting based on your application)
  3. Deal screening (Shortlisted startups will undergo further evaluation)
  4. Final selection
All selected startups will get the opportunity to pitch 1-on-1 to venture capital funds. Every pitching session will be restricted to 15 minutes – 10 minutes of pitch followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. We will provide you with a template for the pitch, follow-up with investors, share feedback, and facilitate further conversation.
There are no registration charges. However, we will charge a success fee of 3.5% of the investment amount raised through Capital Connexion.
Absolutely! We will assist you in finding valuation, structuring the deal, along with the legal and compliance aspects of the transaction.