Dhruv Bhagat

Business Development Associate | Zone Startups India

Dhruv is passionate about helping others, and does so through various channels like volunteering and teaching at Dharavi. He has had eight internships through his college journey, fully preparing him to be a business development associate with Zone. Here, Dhruv helps EIRs connect with startups, pilots the entrepreneurship series, helps with in-house community building, and business development, including building and strengthening relations and networking at events.

Dhruv has had the opportunity to travel three different countries while in college: a study abroad course in London, with over two years at Northeastern University in Boston, and finished his degree in sports and event management from James Cook University. In college, Dhruv was an active founding father of a fraternity, played college-level squash and cricket, while also part of the marketing and entrepreneurship club. He did his IB diploma at Indus International School, where he was the school sports captain. Actively taking part in social cause programs, he initiated a football league in school where the profits went to a community school for the underprivileged.

Dhruv’s a foodie by heart, likes to socialise and play sports, and is passionate about music. Being energetic is a part of his persona.