Gokul KS

Director | Corporate Innovation Programs

Gokul helps oversee corporate innovation for Zone Startups India. He is an active and accomplished startup ecosystem evangelist and enabler in India. Over the past few years, he has built and provided high-level support in a variety of startup and developer ecosystems. He is also an active volunteer at the iSPIRT think tank. He was also instrumental in creating iSPIRT’s PNgrowth boot camp, which focused on redesigning the startup to win the category of 200 growth stage product entrepreneurs, selected through individual and peer-based recommendations. His nine years of work experience is spread across various organizations like Jaaga & Startup Village where he was leading and managing complex programs and partnerships.

Gokul believes in the idea of creating value through making the right connections for stakeholders and offers expertise in operations and business development. He holds a degree in Business Studies where he majored in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from the University of Northampton.